Social Benefits Tribunal Paralegal

Social Benefits Tribunal Paralegal Services in Windsor

Ontario administers various social benefit programs such as social assistance (welfare), disability, short term disability and child benefits to provide financial assistance and support to eligible individuals and families.

At Dabaja Legal, we have a deep understanding of Ontario’s social benefit landscape. Our experienced legal team specializes in assisting clients in securing he benefits to which they are entitled. We provide comprehensive guidance, helping you navigate the application process, appeals, and any disputes that may arise.

We Cover

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Appeals

Dabaja Legal is a trusted advocate for clients in ODSP appeals, assisting individuals in challenging denials, reductions, or terminations of disability support benefits

Ontario Works (OW) Appeals

Our firm excels in OW appeals, providing expert representation to clients seeking to overturn decisions related to their eligibility or the amount of financial assistance they receive

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Appeals

We specialize in CPP disability appeals, helping clients navigate the appeals process and secure the financial support they are entitles to due to disabilities

Employment Insurance (EI) Appeals

Dabaja Legal is dedicated to assisting client in EI appeals, guiding them through the process of challenging EI benefit denials or interruptions to ensure they receive the financial support they need during periods of unemployment